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Providing Top-Notch Car Locksmith Services in San Antonio, TX

Car keys present so many challenges, from old ignition locks where the key won’t turn to modern electronic lock systems that don’t recognize the transponder key. Or maybe you locked your keys out and need our lockout service. Whatever your reason for needing our locksmith, know that we have the skills, experience, and technology to take care of you, with emergency service. At The Key Man San Antonio, we’re your local locksmith with mobile locksmith service throughout the San Antonio, TX area, an experienced, professional, licensed, and certified auto locksmith with over 10 years of experience. Our full-service locksmith uses quality hardware and parts from top brands, and ours is the one number to call for all makes and models, everything from car unlocks and car key copying to EEPROM, ignition repair, and ECU/ECM programming.

Whether you’re a car person and know what services you need, or a casual driver who’s stuck and needs help, you’ll be glad to see our mobile car locksmith service pull up and get quickly to work so you get on with your day.

San Antonio TX Auto Locksmith Service Is Our Speciality

cutting a flip key with a Keyline 994 laser cutter (top) and a recent ignition replacement we did for a local client (bottom)

Just a sample of some of the automotive locksmith work we do on a daily basis: cutting a new high-security flip key with a Keyline 994 laser cutter (top), and a recent ignition replacement we did for a local client (bottom). If you want to see our locksmiths in action, check out our Instagram for more photos and videos of our work!

If you’ve never used a full-service auto locksmith before, you may not realize all that we can do for your car, and we’re one of the best locksmiths in San Antonio. We can read your door and ignition locks with special decoding tools and cut new keys when you’ve lost yours, and perform high-security key tracing and cutting for a new set that’s hard to get anywhere else. We come to you for your convenience, too! We program transponder keys, smart keys, proximity keys, and remote keys for all cars, fix broken ignition locks, and rekey car locks so they only work with the new keys/fobs/remotes. Has someone damaged your door locks? It happens too often, but we can respond to the scene and provide car unlock service to get in, and door lock rebuild or replacement as needed at your convenience.

We Make Backup Keys and Replacement Car Keys in San Antonio TX

If you’re down to your last key, you’re that much closer to being stranded. Plus, it can get expensive if you lose your last set of keys to a modern car. Contacting your dealer for a spare key would be a very expensive proposition. It’s important to have a backup set of keys tucked away in case of trouble, and if you have them handy, we can do quick key programming to make more. We can also make keys by code, do transponder key programming and chipped key replacement, remote and key fob programming, and other car key duplication and creation services from that old Chevy to a high-security key for your Honda, Land Rover, Jaguar, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and more.

Car Ignition Repair When The Keys Don’t Turn

We’ve all had to jiggle our keys to get them to turn in the ignition from time to time. Sometimes this is because the key is worn down or because the internal lock wafers are bent. Frankly, there are many reasons why you might need your ignition repaired or at least serviced which can include the steering wheel position, dirt in the lock, worn-out key, wire connection issues, and more.

The car locksmiths at The Key Man can easily diagnose and solve your ignition issues. Whether we need to replace some wafers, replace the ignition switch, lubricate and clean the lock, or simply cut you a new key, we know exactly what to do and how to do it. We’re here to offer our customers dependable and efficient services at a fair price. Universal City and San Antonio residents can depend on our locksmith team, as well as those in the surrounding areas.

Complete Car Locksmith Care Including EEPROM from Our Local Locksmiths in and around San Antonio

If you own a high-end vehicle or traditional programming methods have failed, it’s likely you’ll need EEPROM car computer reprogramming to successfully program your key fob to the onboard computer in your car. Whether you need ECU/ECM programming and car key replacement or EEPROM services when your keys stop working, or a trunk unlock, all-around rekeying to match your updated ignition lock, or advanced laser key cutting and key cloning, we can help with reliable service in and around San Antonio. Our car locksmith in San Antonio has over a decade of automotive experience!

Contact Your Versatile Car Locksmith San Antonio Team

Call us today for same-day service. Our mobile locksmiths are licensed and insured. The Key Man San Antonio mobile locksmith service provides every automotive service you’ll need and we’ll come to you. We make it extremely easy and simple to get the help you need. Our phone number is the one to keep handy in case of car key trouble in the San Antonio area, as we offer an affordable service with excellent customer service every time.

High-End Vehicle Model Car Locksmith


Car Locksmith for Mercedes

The Key Man offers high-end model automotive locksmith services. Luxury car locksmith services are something we specialize in. We can handle the advanced security systems commonly found in luxury cars, including the keyless entry system and replacing broken keys. We can also assist with a new ignition key or car key replacement. We service car makes including BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, VW, Volvo, and Mercedes, among others.

San Antonio Area Physical Car Lock and Key Services

VW key fob replacement broken key

Our professional locksmiths are here to help you with great service and affordable prices for physical car lock and key services. We work with many car brands and can help you whether you need your car door unlocked because you’ve left the keys inside or need new car keys. We are a mobile locksmith and can come to your location.

Car Key Programming Locksmiths in San Antonio Texas

VW key fob replacement broken key

Do you need a new set of keys made? Our car key locksmith programming professionals can help with transponder keys, chip keys, smart proximity remote keys, high-security locks, car keys, and laser car keys, as well as remotes and fobs.