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Call us for safe installation, combination changes, and lockout service.

Call Us For Safe Installation, Service, and Combination Changes

Honeywell deposit safe we bolted to the concrete floor for a client

A local commercial client hired us to bolt this deposit safe to the concrete floor. We install all types of safe and can do combination changes too.

As a full-service locksmith, we also work with safes. If you’ve lost your combination we can unlock your safe and reset the combination for manual dials and electronic keypads. We also service and repair older safes to keep them working smoothly. We specialize in all types of safes for home and business use including cash-deposit safes, and cash-management safes for retail storefronts. We can also help homeowners with small, fire-proof safes that hold a few documents, money, jewelry, and other miscellaneous items. If you have any questions about what types of safes we can work on give us a call or send us an email, but to help you out, here’s a list of the main types of safes we work on:

  • gun safes
  • home safes
  • fire-proof safes
  • jewelry safes
  • floor safes
  • wall safes
  • cash-management safes
  • depository safes

Reasons To Change Your Safe Combination

  • Regular Maintenance
  • You inherited a safe and never had the combination
  • The combination was never written down and it’s been forgotten
  • The combination was shared with a family member, friend, or ex-employee who shouldn’t have access

Electronic Keypad vs. Manual Dial

Changing the lock combination on an electronic keypad or a manual dial are two different processes, but our technicians can do both quickly and with no damage to your safe.

  • Electronic Keypad Locks: Depending on the brand and style of the keypad lock, we’ll be able to update the code from the front of the safe by entering a special code to tell the lock to go into programming mode. Alternatively, if the safe is already open we can change the combination via the internal lock mechanism.
  • Manual Dial Locks: If your dial combination is lost or not working, you may first want to check and make sure you’re turning the dial the correct way. In most cases you’ll have to turn Right, Left, Right, and possibly as many as 4 turns initially, then 3 turns, then 2 turns to get the lock to unlock.

Call The Key Man San Antonio for All Your Safe Maintenance Needs

Our locksmiths are equipped to service all the most popular brands of safes including Sentry, Hollon, Liberty, Champion, Inkas, Amsec, and more. As soon as we get your call we will send our safe locksmith technician right over to change your combination and perform any other routine maintenance to ensure your safe is functioning at its best.