Car Key Replacement

Making car keys and key fobs on the spot

With so many car key types and so many brands, you’ll need to call the one car key replacement locksmith in San Antonio, TX that knows how to handle them all. We’re The Key Man San Antonio, a mobile locksmith service providing the San Antonio, TX area with affordable car key and key fob replacement from basic key copies to transponder key programming and so much more. In addition to our mobile car key services, we also have a walk-in store located at 7340 Blanco Rd. Suite 101 San Antonio, TX 78216. We provide solutions when your car’s locks are damaged or you’re locked out with the keys inside, and if the answer is more technical, our car lock expert can solve frustrating “key not found” errors and other car computer-related problems as well. With over 10 years of experience, our automotive locksmith is experienced, professional, licensed, and certified. There are no issues we can’t solve. Our car key replacement services are second to none.

We provide full-service locksmith care with our mobile service vans for emergencies. The high-quality hardware and parts we use are guaranteed by us with a warranty as well, designed to last and serve you reliably. Our company is a trusted member of 1-800-Unlocks, ready for your call. Minimize the cost and inconvenience of your car key replacements by relying on our expert automotive locksmith, with straightforward service and trusted business practices.

Can We Do Car Key Replacement for Your Car? Yes!

programming a replacement Mercedes fob (top), and one of our portable fob programmers and a new Ford fob for a customer (bottom).

Programming a replacement Mercedes fob (top), and one of our portable fob/remote programmers, and a new Ford fob for a customer (bottom). Want to see how the portable programmer works? Check out this video on our Instagram.

When people ask if we handle their type of key and make and model of car, we love saying yes because we handle all makes and models. Infiniti, Nissan, Lexus, Toyota, and Mazda for instance, as well as Hyundai and Kia, BMW Mercedes and VW, and more. Even Jaguar and Land Rover keys cover a wide variety of car lock and key security systems. We’re experts on GM, Ford, Chevrolet, and Cadillac domestic car models as well. That’s a lot of technologies and a broad range of experience, and our automotive locksmith is proud to offer them to our customers, especially when they need expert care to get them out of a bind. Even if you just have a broken remote or need key fob battery replacement, we can fix you up with the one you need, and maybe make a spare set of smart car keys and a remote or whatever would help you stay safe in the future. With all the functions that remotes perform, make sure you have a Honda remote, Toyota remote, GM remote, or whichever one is appropriate for your vehicle’s specific unlocking, trunk operation, and other functions.

How Smart Keys and New Key Fobs Work

Smart keys, remote-headed keys, transponder keys, and key fobs actually have a conversation with your car or at least the onboard computer. The function of modern car keys combines mechanical key operation with electronic communication with your car’s computer for extra security. It makes “hotwiring,” a popular theft technique, essentially a thing of the past, but requires expert knowledge to repair. That’s the knowledge our car key replacement locksmith has, and our mobile car locksmith brings it to you! So if you need a spare key fob because you have a broken key, lost the original key, or require ignition repair, we offer affordable rates because our expert locksmiths have trained for years to get the job done quickly. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Your Versatile Car Key Replacement and Programming Source in the San Antonio, TX Area

The Key Man San Antonio is a convenient local locksmith resource for drivers, so we encourage you to program our number into your phone for emergency use, and in case you need auto locksmith services for your vehicles, from late model cars and SUVs to trucks and classic cars. If your smart keys aren’t so smart, or your prox keys aren’t recognized consistently as they should be, we can help! Give us a call or contact us today.

More Car Key Services We Provide in San Antonio, TX

car locksmith san antonio tx

Our friendly locksmiths will use our computer equipment to program new keys to your car.

car key programming in san antonio texas

Whether you’ve lost all your keys, or need a spare. We’re the top local car key locksmiths.

key fobs programmed

We work on all car types and key types including flip, prox, and transponder keys.

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